Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Nord Anglia Education is committed to maintaining an inclusive work environment free from discrimination and harassment. Working mindfully with diversity is an essential part of this. We expect all members of our community – colleagues, students, parents, partners and suppliers - to understand and embrace the importance of diversity and inclusion and stand against discrimination in any form.
As an employer, our aim is to create an environment where colleagues are welcomed and are able to bring talents, skills, background and experiences to their roles in an open and inclusive workplace where people from all backgrounds work together with dignity and respect.
Across our organisation, we have built leadership capacity to encourage local dialogue and awareness, to understand the local context and needs and then develop our global strategy which scopes our priorities moving forward.
Against this backdrop, we established our Global Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) steering group. This group comprises regional and global representatives, working to further our EDI agenda across our schools. Our programme is also enabled locally by school-based EDI Champions, who are supported with a programme of professional development and training. Throughout Nord Anglia, colleagues are also engaged in training and conversations about the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion and Nord Anglia’s Leadership Programmes are being used to ensure our new leaders understand the importance of this work and to build a more diverse talent pipeline for our senior leadership and Principal roles.

As an international schools organisation, our mission is to develop a future generation that will change the world for the better. Fundamental to our mission is teaching our students about the importance of understanding and championing equality.
In our schools, curriculum initiatives and complementary programmes are developed centrally and shared locally. These create valuable opportunities for students to build agency and role model inclusion by working locally and globally across our family of schools with peers from other schools through Global Campus, our digital learning platform. Our global collaboration with UNICEF is at the heart of our schools’ programmes, challenging our students to tackle inequality and promote diversity and inclusion throughout their young and adult lives.
Our work is an ongoing process and is also encapsulated in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy which identifies Nord Anglia’s organisational commitments to driving sustainable change.